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The aim of the FAQ is to rectify the most common problems users come across using gliderpilot.net. Please search here for the answer to your query before contacting gliderpilot.net.

Top 5 most viewed questions

I've forgotten my password?

I am receiving a lot of UCE/UBE/junk/spam email through my gliderpilot.net / glidingclub.co.uk etc. address. Help!

Why am I receiving offers from Nigeria to buy my glider?

Why does my posting not appear straight away on rec.aviation.soaring?

What has changed on the updated version of gliderpilot.net?

Please enter a keyword or phrase to search for (e.g lost password, photos)

I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password you can have it emailed back to you by going to clicking on "Lost Password" on the left hand menu. You need to enter either your registered email address or one of your email aliases (i.e gliderpilot.net, glidingclub.co.uk email address).

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